Adam Carter About Web DeveloperI’m Adam Kristopher Carter. I’m a full stack web developer and I love WordPress! In my spare time I like play chess at lichess.org, (click on the link to challenge me, if you dare) spend time with family and friends, jog and watch Royals baseball. My passions are music, learning, writing code, reading, and great conversation.

Developer Skills

HTML, CSS, Sass, Gulp, WordPress, PHP (OOP), JavaScript, jQuery, Scrum, PHPUnit, Photoshop and Version control with Git and Subversion.

A plugin I built was recently featured and reviewed by WordImpress (check it out here).

Here are some articles I wrote for Godaddy’s Garage;

Auto-deploy from GitHub to Managed WordPress hosting with DeployBot
Auto-deploy from Bitbucket to Managed WordPress hosting with DeployBot

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